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Tom Donnillon

Director of Engineering

Tom’s the guy who figures stuff out. He has an uncanny ability to cut through extremely complex problems or processes with simple and elegant solutions. Often, he’s the source of our best ideas. To put it bluntly, Tom’s a nerd in the best possible way.

As the engineering team’s lead, Tom guides and empowers each engineer to take on their own projects and find creative solutions for our clients. His diverse background of work helps him connect with people at every level of our industry. When not working, you can find him in public, loudly pointing out which vehicles have products that he helped design.

Eric Stone

Mechanical Engineer

Ensuring proper motion, energy and force for each of our HMI products.

Eric’s a University Of Minnesota Gopher with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering. As an engineer at Symtec, he finds passion in seeing ideas go from just a thought kicking around in someone’s head all the way to becoming a useful part of a client’s vehicle.

Eric loves machines and learning how they work. He’s the kind of guy to take apart the remote control just to see what it looks like inside. So far, his favorite experience at Symtec was taking over and completing his first project, a new method of installing heaters in snowmobile throttles.

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