We created some of the marine industry’s most innovative components.

HMI Components for the Most Challenging Marine Craft Needs

Creating products for the marine industry has unique challenges. And we’ve taken on those challenges by developing some of the most innovative components for watercraft. Our infinitely rotatable clockspring is just one of these products that ensure your marine vehicle will have an excellent HMI and user experience no matter the conditions.

Rugged Products

You won’t have to worry about our components being the cause for a warranty claim. Our products are built to withstand the elements.

And it shows. We’ve had virtually no warranty claims on the products we manufacture.

Fit To Your Brand

Your vehicle should showcase your own brand. We’re here to make sure that happens down to the smallest details. When you work with Symtec you have control over the color, shape, engravings, and logos on your component.

Designed To Your Needs

Because we have full component design and manufacturing capabilities we create parts that meet your exacting specifications. You don’t have to worry about compatibility or whether your ideas are too much of a stretch.

Featured Innovation

Our Marine Clockspring

No one has a marine clockspring like we do. Our patent proves it. Traditional clocksprings have a ribbon cable that gets wound around the steering wheel shaft and then unwound. The problem with this design is that, unlike land craft, boat wheels can turn infinitely. We only saw one solution. Make a clockspring that was infinitely rotatable.


“Symtec makes the HMI design process simple, without sacrificing quality. Their design and account management team is friendly, knowledgeable, and they do what they say they’re going to do.”

Project Manager

“Symtec’s diverse product portfolio, connections in the HMI space, and experience working with the top manufacturers, allows them to deliver a superior design and manufacturing experience. If you’re a design engineer looking for your next engineering partner, look no further than Symtec.”

Design Engineer

“We were impressed with the quality of HMI design, but Symtec’s ability to manufacture their designs, truly set them apart. We trust this team to deliver tens of thousands of parts each year, and they always deliver.”

International Motorcycle Manufacturer

“I always love that Symtec’s design team comes back with cool ideas for me and my team to discuss. When we’ve worked with them, they always deliver a quality product and process.”

Major ATV Manufacturer

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someone drawing engineering diagrams on a whiteboard

Design —

To design your component, we closely work with your team to make sure that we are completely aligned on every detail. You have control over the aesthetic and physical limitations of the component and it’s our job to make sure it works reliably and responsively.

someone drawing engineering diagrams on a whiteboard
an hmi engineer 3D printing a component
an hmi engineer 3D printing a component

Manufacturing —

We give you more than just your designed component. We’ll handle the manufacturing for the components we design as well. Our quality control process keeps you in the loop of our product sample run and throughout the entire manufacturing process.