Roll-up their sleeves leaders.

Meet our no-nonsense, get moving, make it happen leaders.

Riley Harlan


Riley’s our brilliant leader at Symtec. And brilliant is what we need to be to follow the vision he sets out for us. Riley’s passion for innovation is what drives Symtec to be a company that constantly pushes to create new, exciting, and improved products for our clients. He loves seeing Symtec grow and seeing employees catch the bug to get excited about what we’re doing.

When the weather’s reasonable (or even when it’s Minnesota cold) you can find Riley outside as much as possible. He commutes 25 miles to work on his Ebike, and you’ll occasionally find him working from his boat. That’s right – with the magic of a wifi hotspot even work can’t keep Riley indoors. This fall, he plans on racing across India in a rickshaw. And we thought our virtual meetings with Riley were already exciting enough.

Kathryn Demeules


Kathryn’s like John Wooden if John Wooden coached HMI engineers instead of college basketball players. At Symtec, she’s in charge of finances, accounting, and human resources. 

In her role, she helps elevate people to the next level in their positions. She’s responsible for building a great team with a great culture.

Tom Donnillon

Director of Engineering

Tom’s the guy who figures stuff out. He has an uncanny ability to cut through extremely complex problems or processes with simple and elegant solutions. Often, he’s the source of our best ideas. To put it bluntly, Tom’s a nerd in the best possible way.

As the engineering team’s lead, Tom guides and empowers each engineer to take on their own projects and find creative solutions for our clients. His diverse background of work helps him connect with people at every level of our industry. When not working, you can find him in public, loudly pointing out which vehicles have products that he helped design.

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