Custom Automotive Style Clockspring

Symtec’s custom automotive style clockspring offers the latest technology for your vehicle.

Designed from the automotive industry, our automotive style clockspring is an extremely convenient accessory that will keep you more comfortable and in more control during work or play.

Symtec makes it simple for you.

The automotive style clockspring can include plug-and-play connections with a straight-forward installation. The clockspring can transfer power to the controls on the steering wheel. This clockspring can also power heating elements that ensures you’ll have reliable warmth regardless of wheel position.

Compact Design

The compact design of our automotive style clockspring can be used steering systems that need very little space.

Power Capability

Our automotive style clockspring is capable of electrical loads up to 5 amps while utilizing up to 8 circuits.

High Tech

Designed for the latest technology, the automotive style clockspring utilizes an FFC style harness used for Can-Bus systems.

Plug and Play Installation

We can customize the design considering your manufacturing process and specifications. We can accommodate most type of connectors or steering wheel bolt patterns.

Custom Designs Available

Your brand deserves something that matches it – style, features, and functionality. We can customize the design to adjust to fit your brand and application.

Ready to light up your steering wheel, or want to talk about a custom design?