Custom Membrane Switch

Our multi-level membrane switch has been designed to control power input to a variety of electrical components, such as seat heaters, grip warmers, and more.

Our switches are designed to look and feel great while being highly functional. Switches are thoroughly tested to meet all your quality and electrical specifications. Switches can include any brand or type of connector.

We can design any switch to fit your needs for Powersports, Marine, Agricultural or Industrial applications.

Custom levels

Switches can be configured from 1-10 levels, or more depending on the application.

IP Rating

To keep the water and dirt out, our switches are rated at IP67 or IP68.

Plug and Play

Switches include a wide variety of connector options for a true plug and play experience.

Mounting Options

Mounting options include handlebar mount, flush mount or custom mounting into a grip or seat.


Switches include safety features as short circuit and reverse polarity protection, low and high voltage cut out as well as many other features.

Electrical Rating

Switches can be designed to a wide array of electrical specifications including up to AC 115V, DC 30V, 15 amps as well and UL and CE certification.

Ready to roll with our Custom Membrane Switch or want to talk about a custom design?