Custom Wire Harness

Whether you need a harness to power one accessory or several, our custom wire harnesses can be tailored to fit your needs.

Our experienced team can help customize the perfect wire harness for end applications, from developing new products to maintaining existing ones over time. We ensure that each harness assembly is manufactured to meet customer specifications.

Our facility features advanced machinery that allows us to automate wire processing with speed and efficiency.

We automate processes whenever possible, including wire cutting, stripping, crimping and termination to decrease manufacturing time and increase quality control.

Electrical Rating

Harnesses can be designed to a wide array of electrical specifications including up to AC 115V, DC 30V, 15 amps as well and UL and CE certification.


All our harnesses are made from premium automotive grade wire. We also have the capability to tailor the grade of wire to your specifications.

IP Rating

To keep the water and dirt out, our harness can be designed to a rating of up to IP68.

Plug and Play

Harnesses include a wide variety of connector options for a true plug and play experience.


Harnesses can include safety features as short circuit and reverse polarity protection, low and high voltage cut out as well as many other features.

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