Heated Grips

Heated Grips channel heat directly to the hands, reducing fatigue and numbness associated with the cold.

Extend rides with the comfort and warmth with Heated Grips. Heated Grips mean warmer riding in all conditions. Our grips have ergonomically engineered surfaces to optimize riding comfort and performance.

They’re UV stabilized to resist fading. Industrial-grade wiring ensures it can withstand the coldest temperature without cracking or short-circuiting.

Low Power Draw

Our grip is designed to minimize the electrical load, drawing less than 4 amps.

Safety Cut-Off Switch

We’ve incorporated smart technology to cut-off the electrical current to prevent overheating.

Customize Heat Settings

Heat settings can be on/off, high-low, or up to as many heat settings as you customers need, keeping them comfortable in all conditions. Our heaters go up to 130°F (54°C).

Ergonomic Design

We match the durometer of the grip to what’s needed in the application and what your customers are asking for.

Plug and Play Installation

We can customize the design taking into account your manufacturing process and specifications. Need a specific type of connector? No problem.

Custom Designs Available

Your brand deserves something that matches it – style, features, and functionality. We can customize the design to adjust to fit your brand and application.

Ready to roll with our Symtec Heated Grips or want to talk about a custom design?