Heated Throttles & Brakes

When the temperature drops, will your customers go home or keep going?

Extend rides with the comfort and warmth with heated throttles and brakes. Heated hands mean warmer riding in all conditions.

Our ruggedly constructed throttles and brakes are built to exacting specifications.

Not only are they rigorously tested to ensure durability, but they are also designed with optimal functionality for ride after ride.

Our heaters can be made out of silicon or PTC, depending on your application.

Low Power Draw

Our throttles are designed to minimize the electrical load, drawing less than 4 amps.

Safety Cut-Off Switch

We’ve incorporated smart technology to cut-off the electrical current to prevent overheating.

Easy Installation

We can customize the design taking into account your manufacturing process and specifications

Customize Connectors

Need a specific type of connector? No problem. We have experience working with OE specific systems.

Customize Heat Settings

Heat settings can be on/off, high-low, or up to as many heat settings as your customers demand. Our heaters go up to 130°F (54°C), the high-end of the optimal heat range.

Custom Designs

Your brand deserves something that matches it – style, features, and functionality. We can customize the design to adjust to fit your brand and application.

Ready to roll with our Symtec Heated Throttles and Brakes, or want to talk about a custom design?