Seat Heaters

When the temperature drops, will your customers go home or keep going?

Put a little heat in your seat and enjoy the season, long after others have called it quits. Our innovative carbon fiber seat heaters work with any battery-powered vehicle.

Our seat heaters work with your existing seats or can be installed in a cover.

Our ruggedly designed products go through strict testing to ensure durability and optimal functionality.

Low Power Draw

Our seat heater is designed to minimize the electrical load, drawing less than 4 amps.

Safety Cut-Off Switch

We’ve incorporated smart technology to cut-off the electrical current to prevent overheating.

Customize Heat Settings

Heat settings can be on/off, high-low, or up to as many heat settings as your customers demand. Our heaters go up to 130°F (54°C), the high-end of the optimal heat range.

Customize Switches

We match your brand design and help you figure out the right location for the switches – in dash or integrated into the seat.

Plug and Play Installation

We can customize the design taking into account your manufacturing process and specifications. Need a specific type of connector? No problem.

Custom Designs

Your brand deserves something that matches it – style, features, and functionality. We can customize the design to adjust to fit your brand and application.

Ready to roll with our Symtec Seat Heaters or want to talk about a custom design?